Verto - A Short Film

A Time Travel Short Film

Verto is a time traveler short film created by a group of Biola students, including myself for a class called Visual Aesthetics. Visual Aesthetics was a class that focused on the aspects of a film image that make a dynamic, emotional, and impactful scene. I have definitely learned a lot in this class and cannot wait to apply the concepts learned in future films.

Below are a few behind-the-scenes shots from the days of shooting.

Please let me know what you think of the film by leaving a comment.

Visual Aesthetics Portfolio

Visual Aesthetics, one of my favorite classes to begin my cinematography journey at Biola has been so much fun! We completed five comprehensive projects that demonstrate concepts such as lighting, framing, and composition. While I have taken and edited many photos, I compiled ten of my favorites for you to take a look at! Feel free to let me know what you think by leaving a comment!